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VOG, as the name implies, is a wall-paper-like coating over sheetrock (gypsum) panels. A similar matching covering is on the batten strips used between the VOG wall-board sections, to give it a more finished look.[ Get Price ]

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Quick, easy access to plumbing, electrical, telephone, sprinklers, etc. and lowers the cost of future repairs. Easy to install: just measure, cut, then pop in the panel.[ Get Price ]

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All Durasan wall panels can be applied directly to studs or as a finish layer over gypsum board. Durasan panels are especially suited for most demountable partition systems. Because Durasan is prefinished, it is generally less expensive to install than building a wall and then applying a wall covering material.[ Get Price ]

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What are VOG wall panels and why are they used in mobile homes VOG stands for Vinyl on Gypsum (or vinyl over gypsum). Gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate, a soft and lightweight white or gray chalk-like mineral.[ Get Price ]